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Space Aesthetics

ARTDIPLAY – a team of professionals developing unique concepts of atmosphere creation. Over twenty years of our experience on the market and belief in innovative approach allow us to create “one of a kind” projects which combine the traditions of quality together with the latest technologies.

We are searching for new trends worldwide and cooperate with the leaders of the industry. Our partners include companies from Europe, USA, Canada, South Korea, and China which we presented in the Russian Federation as exclusive distributors. Using our priceless worldwide experience, we create individualistic solutions which consider the specificities of your objective.

We don’t believe in boring catalogs, each of our projects is unique.

Together with you, listening to your wishes – we create concepts of space capable of inspiring, spaces for the life filled with creativity and brightness.

Our mission

Our company values two things: the happiness and health of our clients

For that to actualized, we design beautiful and comfortable spaces which allow for aesthetic pleasure and motivate for new achievements.

Our mission:

● We work for all people to be happy and healthy
● We dictate trends in our field
● We are open to new ideas and adapt easily to new conditions
● We are happy and ready to work
● We predict the client’s desires


From ideas to implementation

We use a complex approach: our company connects various specialists from places worldwide who allow for full project work process from the beginning to the very end. The resulting space organically fits into the area and absorbes a newcomer into a pleasant creative atmosphere to which he wants to return to again.
  • development of concepts of varying levels to create a complete space
  • full-service surveillance and project management support
  • creation of children’s playground zones, its integration into adult’s spaces
  • formation of atmosphere: lighting, decor details
  • landscaping, both interior and outdoor
  • creation of art objects such as:
    • Kinetic sculptures using independent modules and 3D modeling
    • Static sculptures created by modern designers and architects, individual concept development
  • consulting services
    • concept development
    • pre-brokerage
    • brokerage

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